Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So...a lot has happened in a year!

We planted a garden and by "we" I mean Calley.


We got prego with #2

3 of us got prego at work.  Well, not actually at work but you know what I mean.

We took Malone to her first Ranger game.  She loved it!  Gentry is her favorite player.  Why you ask?  Because she wants to hug him.  Me too sister, me too.

We took our first ever family vacation.  It was great!  Malone loved the beach.  
Can't wait to do that as a family of 4!

Poor Calley hurt his foot.  32 stiches...ouch!

My belly got HUGE!  

Then this beauty was born.  Can't wait to blog her birth story.  
Much easier than last time.

Introducing Maris Louise 
13 weeks

Happy New Year from our family of four!

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