Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Updates on Malone's Crib

Malone's room, much like the rest of my house, is always in need of some improvements. I was at our local thrift store, Helping Hands and I picked up this adorable chair. It is the perfect color and size for my little one and at only $60 I thought it was a steal!

The chair fits perfectly into this little reading nook. She can easily access her books and it is perfect for the two of us to snuggle into.

She recently has started to run to her room and close the door. I let her stay in there for a few minutes and this is how I always find her. So sweet! She loves her books!!

The chair does need some love though. On the front of the arm, the previous owner hot glued arm covers to it. When I took the arm covers off, the glue didn't come with it. Also, the arms are very worn. I think it would be great to recover just the arms in a funky fabric to match the rest of the room. But, for now I am just gonna live with it.

This corner used to look like this.
I was never really happy with it but now it looks like this...

I got the letters at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them red. I love how it turned out and will definitely be using them in her future big girl room.

Now all I need is a new rug and I will be finished. Just in time to turn it into a big girl room. Ha! It never ends!


  1. Love the chair, great find!! And the READ....love it!!!

  2. I love that you have a reading nook in her room!

  3. i LOVE everything about this room. it's amazing.

  4. So pretty! She looks so cute reading in her big chair. I love the "M" on the wall with her name. Is it a stencil or a sticker?


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