Thursday, January 12, 2012


I love TJ Maxx! I got some amazing steals this week.
I have been drooling over the Penguin Classics books for some time. But with a $25 price tag, it would take some time for me to build a nice collection.
I ran across this beauty at the Maxx for only $12 in perfect condition...score!

I also got this decor coffee table book, Undecorate for only $19.

There are some really beautiful pictures and I love the concept of this book. Sometimes we can be too fussy or intentional with our decorating and this book promotes just going with what you love and not worrying so much about if it looks "just right."

Two more reasons why I am a Maxxonista!!


  1. What a great addition! Last year, a friend of mine brought me a GIANT coffee table book on the Supreme Court (because I'm a dork) that they found in Barnes and Noble for $5 (because no other dorks wanted it!). I still love it every time I look at it! I hope yours brings you as many smiles!
    -Kate from

  2. TJMaxx is my favorite store, I always find little treasures when I go in there!

  3. I wish our MAXX had books like this! Nothing like great books. I too am drooling over the Penguin classics! So lovely!

  4. I've no idea why but it's called TK Maxx in the UK. There is always something good to buy.

    I found your blog about a year ago on a blog hop and then completely lost you until tonight!

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  6. Fun book choices and great deals.

  7. I love TJ Maxx! You'll get good deals and bargain on that place. Its the best place ever.


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