Monday, December 6, 2010

McCall and Taylor Family Pics

I recently got the opportunity to take some pics of my sister and brother's family. I had so much fun and hope they loved the pics. I am new at this so don't be too hard on me! It is fun getting to take pics of the fam and try out my new camera and all that iPhoto can do for me. (Photoshop is way too overwhelming for little ol' me)

Here is the Taylor family minus their two photos they are using on their Christmas card. (wouldn't want to give anything away!)

Hannah loved posing, she would tilt that
head to the side and look so sweet!

I LOVE this pic! So cute!

Sweet Micah!

Here are the McCall pics minus their photo for the Christmas card:

Ethan absolutely hated this photoshoot.
He was so mortified that people were driving by!

This is my favorite pic of them. My sis looks beautiful!


  1. These are too cute! Good job! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wow meagan! these look amazing! you are super talented. my brother is a photographer and i know how hard it is to capture the pictures, and yours look soo good! if you ever want to, you'll have to check out his website, it's

  4. great job!!!! i think u did wonderful

  5. Love your pics. I just came from Erin's blog and found ya. You did an amazing job. I am following you now, and would love for you to pay a visit sometime.


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