Monday, April 25, 2011

Painted Highchair - Aqua

My Mom had an old wooden highchair that she used for all of the grandkiddos. She is keeping Malone while I work so she needed a highchair that was a little more practical. So the wooden highchair was put in the attic. When it was time for Malone's one year pics, I thought it would be adorable to spray paint the highchair an aqua blue. So I did it! Here are some pics of the finished product...

After I spray painted the primer on

The finished product!

I am linking this project up with Centsational Girl.


  1. Hey girl...I was on Centsational Girls blog and recognized the turquoise highchair from your daughters pics. Too funny! Don't you just love her blog!!!

  2. Very cute! That second picture is just great! I'm no photographer, but he light and the color seem perfect! Of course, the main thing is that your daughter is a doll!

    Love the highchair!

  3. Adorable!!! I love the turquoise and red combo, especially for little girls.
    Happy Monday!


  4. Loveeeeeeeeee the color -- feminine yet unique!
    Malone is a DOLL!!!

    The Purple Goddess

  5. The aqua is so fresh and it looks great with Malone's red dress! : )

  6. HAHA! So funny! I just blogged about this here.....

    but seriously, it looks amazing! My son will be one in june and I was kicking around the idea of painting it red, but I didnt because I havent nailed down the "perfect" party yet. So white it is. Your lil one is so adorable and you picked the perfect outfit for her in the chair! LOVE!

  7. Well I don't have to tell YOU how stinkin' adorable that is!!! A picture speaks a thousand words =)

  8. The chair and your daughter -- perfection!

    Why don't more people think of making a high chair this colorful? You did a beautiful job.

    I found this post on Centsational Girl. Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE!! And your little girl is so adorable!

  10. Love it! I have looked high and low for turquoise/aqua spray paint. What did you use?

    The pic is just darling!

  11. That's adorable! And what a little cutie you have!

  12. Question, did yours have any finish on it before you primed it? We are doing this for our daughters birthday but the chair we have has some sort of finish on it. Just wondering if you sanded yours first or just spray painted the primer right on??

  13. @deborahgilbert42
    I didn't sand it. I just spray primed it and then did two coats of aqua spray.

  14. Do you use any sort of safety belt with this high chair? I have one I am redoing for my baby but it does not have a safety belt and I'm wondering how to install one. Any ideas? Thanks!

  15. I love this! I can't wait to finish mine!


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