Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #20

I can't believe I made it to 20 WIWW's. Crazy! This has been so much fun and I love hearing all of your sweet comments. How motivating. It really makes me stop and think about what I put on everyday. Well, let's be honest. Not every day. I'm a firm believer in "why waste your good clothes and your fancy makeup if I am just going to Kroger??" Trust me, that kills my conservative Momma. After all, I am southern. Aren't I suppose to get all fancy everyday? At least put some makeup on and make yourself presentable, she says. But, I digress.

I have been trying to lose the last 15 pounds of baby weight and by trying I mean not exercising and eating whatever I want. Oh wait, that is pretty much the opposite of trying right? So, I told myself I wouldn't buy any new summer clothes until April and here we are the middle of April and I still have the weight to lose. So I had to break down and buy a few pieces. Hence the reason WIWW has been a little so so lately. I just am bored and truly have a hissy fit each morning before I try on clothes. So, hopefully in the coming weeks WIWW will be kicked up a notch. Stay tuned.....

Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Shoes: hmmm???

Just for "proof" here is me on a non working, non church
day on my way to get my hair done with not a stitch of make up on.

jacket: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Skirt: Forever21, Shoes: can't remember

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  1. Great outfits. LOL @ the Kroger thing.

  2. I love both outfits. The first really compliments you...meaning it compliments your hair, coloring etc. But I am partial to the second outfit. I love the stripe with jean jacket and pop of color shoes. I wonder if I can find a similar skirt that works for me. You look great!

  3. That skirt is too cute! And the shoes look awesome.

  4. so is that target dress one of your new purchases? so, so cute the way you styled it!

  5. I think you look great RIGHT NOW but I know how it is...we're not happy until WE'RE happy, right? Love that first outfit!

  6. girl...I think you might need to adjust your scale. There is NO way you have 15 pounds to lose!!!!!

    You look great!


  7. I was in target the other day and found some great stuff, love your dress! New follower too BTW :)

  8. you are so pretty!! love that dress in the first outfit!! :)

  9. You look great! I LOVE that Target dress. I might need to go see if they have one at my Target.

    I would never guess that you have any weight to lose. You look amazing. But, I totally know how it is. I have about 15 lbs of baby weight to lose, too, and I've been following the same "diet" plan. Lately, with the motivation of swimsuit season I've been getting a little more serious and I'm hoping to drop it soon. I, too, have been trying to use clothes as a motivation, but then I just buy them anyway. :)

  10. Oh whatever....you look adorable even with no make up!

  11. Love the second outfit! It just has some much personality. And I have to say, I think you look totally gorgeous with no makeup on and with your hair pulled back. You should wear that more often!

  12. You need to lose 15 pounds like I need an arrow in my eye!! Girl, you look FAB-U-LOUS!


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