Monday, June 20, 2011

Da - Deeeeee!!

Father's Day was good. The Hubs got just what he wanted. A nap and he watched fishing a baseball all day long!

I am so thankful he is ours! I couldn't have asked for a better Father to my little girl.
From the beginning he swooped in like he had been a Father to a newborn a million times.
He changed diapers, he fed her, he rocked her, he consoled her, he gave her medicine, he plays Mr. Mom when this Momma has to work. He can do everything that I can do and most times even better! He never complains. He truly enjoys every single moment and never seems to get overwhelmed. Always taking every moment of raising our first child in stride.
He truly amazes me. Seriously, I am in awe of him!
When I was a crazy person after Malone was born, postpartum anyone?
He was there to pick up all the pieces and help us along.
Even though he can drive me crazy sometimes, God knew what he was doing when he brought the Hubs into my life almost 6 years ago. I am happy but even happier that Malone gets a Daddy like him. She will never have to question how much he loves her because not only is it written all over his face but he tells her and shows her a million times a day.
Happy Father's Day to the love of my life!

Dreaming of bass on Father's Day!
Thanks to the brother in law and niece for this!

These are the moments I love.

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