Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary Birthday!!!

Say what??
That's right the Hubs and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary and his 31st birthday. It was the Hubs idea to get married on his birthday. Pretty genius idea on his part. This way he never forgets an anniversary unless he forgets his birthday in which case I will have to get him a doctor's visit to check on that memory pronto.

This man is my true love! He came into my life almost 6 years ago and has made me a believer out of forever. I couldn't imagine anyone in this whole world who I would rather spend this crazy life with. He always laughs at my jokes and truly thinks I am hysterical. He values my thoughts and opinions. He always has my best interests at heart. He would do anything for me, anytime, anywhere, period. He loves hard. This is probably his best quality. If he loves and cares for you, there is no one better at showing it than him. He is great at what he does. Though he his tough, he truly cares about the kids he coaches and teaches.
And last but not least, he is the best Daddy to our baby girl. I love watching them together. He lights up when he sees her and that makes my heart melt.
Here's to the Hubs on his 31st year and here's to us for the big 4 year's of marriage.
I love you babe!

Holy Hotness!!! Isn't he a total hottie???

Our first big night out with our friends after Malone was born....
we were a little excited!!

Recent pic of us on our way to a wedding.
The Hubs has recently lost 20 whole pounds without even trying.
Don't you just hate him?? I would, but I love him too much!


  1. You look so pretty & happy!!

  2. happy anniversary!!!! So happy for you guys!!! Love the wedding dress..where did u find it?

  3. @Brandi I got the dress from Neiman Marcus about a month ago. It was a great deal!

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  5. Happy Anniversary! It was such a beautiful day, with so much love! And happy birthday to Cal! Zac has always said that Calley is one of the most loyal people he knows...what an amazing trait! You two are so perfect together...God really knew what He was doing! :) Y'all have an awesome day!

  6. You guys are a gorgeous couple! Happy Anniversary!


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