Monday, July 25, 2011

What have I been up to???

Teaching this girl how to eat with a spoon

Lots of pool time!

Trip to Gruene, TX with some great family and friends!
(That is the Gristmill. If you are in Texas, I highly recommend a vacay here. We floated the river, went to a concert and had great food!)

The Hubs and I had a blast at the Willie Nelson concert!

All of this to say, Summer has been great! For me and my family, summer is coming to a screeching halt this week. The Hubs starts back to work and although I am excited to start a new football season the thought of having no husband for 3 months makes me ill. I miss him so much during this time and now that Malone is here it makes it that much harder to have him gone. I have to tell myself it is just a season and I am truly lucky that he only works 7 days a week for a short time. There are many women who have husbands deployed and do it all on their own for months. God bless 'em!
Hopefully I can get my booty into gear and start posting more regularly. I and by I, I mean the Hubs is still working on that office space reveal. Hopefully I can get it done in the next couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Glad you've been having so much fun!! I used to dread the start of football, and that was without a child, so I can imagine how you feel. You are so mature and smart to put it in perspective though...military wives and single moms have to deal with so much.

  2. Malone looks like she is having a GREAT time! And pool time is a must in this Texas heat!

  3. Hey! I came across your blog from a WIWW post and have been following ever since. I was at that same Willie Nelson concert over the 4th...if it was the one at Billy Bob's! Anyhoo, just thought I'd drop a comment.


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