Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

So, here in Texas we have had quite the excitement. Four solid days of well below freezing temps. And today, it snowed?!?! Like, 6 inches of snow! I hate the cold but decided to be a "fun" Mom and not miss this opportunity to let Malone roll around in the snow. Here are some pics from our house ridden week!

At first, she seemed to enjoy it. But then...

it kinda started to take a turn for the worst.

She finally let us put her down on the blanket
so she could explore and a little snow got on her hand.

She tried to shake it off...

and when it wouldn't come off she was none too happy!

She started to warm up again so The Hubs thought
he would make a snow angel with her.

She was holding on for dear life when he got up! I love this pic!

Mommy and Malone

Look at that face. That is a face that says, "get me the heck outta here!"

So we came inside for a little indoor fun. She has learned to wave. So cute!

It looks like the storm carried into our living room.
I would like to say it looks this way because we have been
cooped up in the house for 4 days but it pretty much looks l
ike this at the end of every day. Oh well! Shhh, don't tell my Mom!

I think I had cabin fever when I took this pic. My toes, in desperate
need of a pedicure. Why only two toes painted? That would be
because I had peep toe shoes on. Who needs to paint all the toes?
Not me!
(cracks me up that The Hubs head is in this shot.
He despises feet and if he saw this, his face would probably turn white!)


  1. Precious pics! :) I especially love the one with muted colors of you holding her! Love the new layout and font. How did you change the font? Email me or send me a message on facebook! :)

  2. Love this post. I also want to know how you changed it! Love the new look!

  3. Princess is adorable in that snow. We are in Central Texas and have had the crazy weather too. I am ready for it to pass!



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