Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #10

Cold weather = No motivation to dress cute. So here ya go!

Dress: Dillards, Tights: TJMaxx
(wish I had a closer shot, they are geometric and stuff), shoes: Target

Got dressed up one night for the Hubs sports banquet. On a side note...I must remember these banquets when Malone is older. I must remember modesty is the best policy. I have never seen so many teenager girls in so little clothes in all my days. Well, I take that back, last year at the sports banquet was pretty bad too. When Malone looks at me with those cute dimples and says, "everybody wears this!!!" I will just have to remember what is best for her and what is best for her is to not have people staring at her for all the wrong reasons. I must remember I want people looking at her for the sweet girl I know she is and will become. Oh, how those days scare me!


  1. hey everyone needs a little black dress and you spiced it up with the geo tights, i think it looks super chic and cute!

  2. gosh I love your hair! So cute! Great outfit!

  3. How beautiful! I never get really dressed up any more! ♥


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