Monday, February 21, 2011

Malone is 11 months!

The day is fast approaching when our baby girl will be ONE!
She is so much fun. Each day is a new adventure with her.
You can just so those wheels spinning.
Some new developments are:

*she plays itsy bitsy spider with her fingers and it is probably
the most adorable thing you have ever seen.
*she now kisses the mirror when she sees herself. Her eyes light up like "that is the prettiest sight I ever saw!"
*her favorite sound right now is the ba ba sound. She used to say Mama, Dada, and Nana but she seems pretty disinterested in saying those anymore. Everything is baba now.
*she waves at everything and everybody
*we have had another recent development. she wants to hit me and the dog!!! Gasp! Not sure what to do about that one. Hoping its just a phase and she will grow out of it soon. She looks at you all sweetly and then BAM. She hits you with a left hook! I have just been grabbing her hand and telling her "NO" in a really stern voice. Then I tell her to "be nice." Any other suggestions?
*But, probably the most exciting development of all is that she is taking her first steps. She wobbles about three steps and then falls into our arms and we continue to scream and jump like she has just won a gold medal for walking. She is definitely a stander now so, I am thinking by the end of next week we will have an official walker.

She was pooped after a shopping trip to Pier1

Malone's wobbly first steps.
You will hear an annoying Mommy laugh.

Daddy has been playing this game with her lately. She cracks up. This video was taken after about the 10th time they did this. If you listen closely you can hear her snorting with laughter the whole way. Hysterical!

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  1. She has to be the cutest thing ever!!

    With the hitting, try this: Take her hand where ever she is hitting you, and gently stroke her hand on the spot, saying "gentle gentle Malone gentle" Make sure you do this with the dog and her too. That is how we had to do it in the daycare I worked at where you can't do any punishments. I hope that helps.


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