Monday, January 31, 2011

To Party or Not To Party?

That is the question.
Malone is turning the big O-N-E in March and I am having an inner battle (dramatic much?) about whether or not to throw a big bash or just something small.
It's hard because if you are a blog reader like me,
than you all know that there are some lovely ladies that throw some kick bootie parties
for their little ones. I want to be one of those lovely ladies
but I also what to stick to one of the 3 F's.
Whatever I decide, I better figure it out soon because I need to let the ordering begin!
The Hubs says I am crazy and she won't even remember this. Good point Hubs.
But, I will remember it and this day will forever go down in picture history.
Guess we will just have to wait and see!
In the meantime here is a little sneak peak at some of my ideas for the BIG day!


  1. Have a big party, but stick to a budget? I know we'd love to come help her celebrate, and y'all celebrate. Imagine how emotional it will be to have your baby girl surrounded by all the people who love her, all at once, to honor her. There is something so magical about every first birthday party I have ever attended. :)

  2. Okay that sounded like I was trying to be persuasive. What I meant to write was: do what is best for your will be a special day for y'all and Malone no matter what...everyone else will understand and respect what you decide. = )

  3. My 2 cents: keep it small. You will get to spend big bucks on parties later, when she cares and will remember it! I overdid it with J's first birthday and it majorly stressed me out. Ever since, I've been keeping it small, low key and easy. You can still do cute invites and personalized touches without going nuts. Everyone still loves it!

  4. My opinion, keep it small...she won't know the difference at all. Parties at this age are really for the parents after all. I have always done just small, family parties because I know that she'll have bigger parties in the future. :)

  5. We had a HUGE party for our first son's first birthday. Of course HE doesn't remember it, but I remember every detail. For us, it was such a celebration of his life and there were so many friends and family who love him and us and they wanted to be a part of the happy occasion. I know we didn't spend a lot because it was a big cook-out and practically everyone asked if they could bring a dish. Go for it...they grow up soooo fast! For us, the older the kids have gotten, the smaller the parties have gotten because they are just inviting their besties. Whatever you do will be GREAT. :-)

  6. If you do one, plan it later in the day (after naptime). Both of our's have ended in major "overtired" meltdowns because the party was in the middle of naptime. Lesson learned, Brayden's party will be a PM party ;) Plus then you can put Miss M to bed and hang out with your friends and family for the rest of the night!


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