Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

This weekend was a blast. Especially for two parents who had a very relaxing, fun-filled weekend! Thursday night we went to my very old stomping ground on Greenville Avenue. We had margaritas and mexican food at Blue Goose then off to the Hayes Carll concert at The Granada. It was so great to hang out with my BFF and meet her man for the first time. He was great and showed us a wonderful weekend.

Stace and I at The Granada Theatre

Cal and I at The Granada

The next night was New Year's. We ate at Eddie V's. It was AMAZING! I had scallops and Calley had a 22 oz bone in steak and ate every last bite of it! He is a garbage disposal, I know but he loved it. We had wine, champagne, Calley ate oysters (yuck), we had truffled macaroni and cheese, Godiva chocolate cake, well, as you can see we pretty much stuffed ourselves. After dinner we went to the V lounge inside the restaurant to ring in the New Year, which in turn called for more champagne.

Cal and I at V Lounge

Stacey and Blake at the V Lounge

Then off to the Ritz Carlton for drinks at the bar. Let me just tell you, that was the best people watching I have ever seen! I could have stayed there all night and been totally happy. Blake and Stace let us stay the night in their hotel room so that we didn't have to drive with all the crazies. That is probably the closest that we will ever get to staying at the Ritz Carlton! When we drove up in our CRV, we stood at our car for like 5 minutes with luggage in hand. The attendants were looking at us like, "We know ya'll aren't staying here!" Oh yes we are! Well, kinda. The next morning Cal and I were up early (part of this new parent gig) so we headed home to nap the day away. Then we saw The Fighter followed by dinner with the family then another movie, True Grit. Like I said, this weekend was a blast!!!!

All of us at The Ritz Carlton bar

Sunday morning we got to sleep in till 7:30 again, woot woot! Then we high tailed it to pick up our little girl from Lulu and Pops. She was so excited to see us. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face. She had the, I know you guys but I didn't know if ya'll were coming back but I am super excited that you did, face. Lulu and Pops had a blast with her and I am sure she did too. They love her so much and I am so grateful for them! We took a detour in Weatherford to eat at Mary's Brazos Cafe in Tin Top, Texas. Wasn't quite worth the extra 20 minutes out of the way, but it was fun to venture off the beaten path.

Malone at Mary's Cafe. She looks shocked that I am
taking a picture of her. She'll get used to it one day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! I know we did! Still working on the resolution list, it's a long one this year! Better get my hiney in gear. It will be 2012 before I know it!


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  1. Yay! Happy New Year! So glad you had such an amazing weekend! You guys deserve that, and I KNOW Malone and Lulu and Pops loved their time together too!
    Cheers to a wonderful year, and let's please get together soon! Time sure does fly by!


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