Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malone is 10 months!

Our sweet girl is 10 months old. Before we know it she will be the big ONE! She is saying Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye and Nannie Mama swears she is saying Nannie. She has 6 pearly whites and is laughing and cheesing more and more these days. She has just started to let go and stand for just a few seconds then she realizes what she is doing and lands smack dab on her rear. She went through a super clingy phase a couple of weeks ago but I think we are past that...for now. Her hair is starting to thicken up and she has the cutest little curls in the back. I am just going to die with excitement if she has curly hair. Dimples and curly hair? How will we ever say no to her??? She is waving, clapping and making the kissing noise all the time. Daddy also taught her how to make a blubber noise when putting your index finger over your mouth. She seems to think this is super funny. She is a great eater. She will pretty much eat anything you put in front of her. She loves chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, cottage cheese and Daddy's homemade cinnamon apples. She can hold a cracker and take little bites off of it. This is a life saver, even though it makes Nannie Mama a nervous wreck. At her 9 month appointment she weighted 21.5 pounds and was 29 1/2 inches long. She is such a big girl! Way to big for her britches! We are starting to wean her from the bottle next week and start to give her milk. Any suggestions or tips? Here is our baby girl in the last month!

Eating cottage cheese. She LOVES it!

Catching some zzz's in the car.

This is how she rolls, in her hot pink jumpsuit


  1. Such a sweet girl! Emerson is on whole milk now, and we just started out by mixing a little bit of milk with her formula...more and more each time until we just cut it our completely. I also made sure to warm it a bit to take the "edge" off. :) She was easy though. About to start the bottle weaning though...this can be a little tougher. Malone is a big girl! {love that!} Emerson is just now 21.5 lbs. and 30 in. :) :) :)


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