Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coffee Table Books

This past weekend I headed to Austin for another hair show with my sister and friend who are now in hair school. We had a blast and on the last day, they needed to fulfill some requirements for school so I decided to kill some time at Anthropologie and West Elm. Let me just say that the Anthropologie in Austin is Uh-Mazing! It was so visually pleasing. They had all of these perfectly styled vignettes. Much more put together than our local Anthro. While I was there, I fell in love with some beautiful coffee table books that I MUST have! The Hubs and I are contemplating a semi built in bookshelf in the living room from Ikea like the one here. And these books would look great displayed on the shelves!

You can find it much cheaper here

This book is my fave! The pictures are so inspiring and the cover is gorgeous!

When I saw this title I was hooked.
This is how I would sum up my style or the style I am going for!

This book has some seriously inspiring photos and is jam packed with some stylin' parties!

I saw this book at Anthropologie but couldn't find it on their website. I loved it because of the scissors, perfect for this hairstylist!

You can find the book here

I saw this book at West Elm. I loved the bright colors and this thing is jam packed with great recipes and the pictures are beautiful!

You can find this book here


  1. I have been wanting the Domino book forever! I also love the little women book with the scissors on the cover plus the colors are beautiful!

  2. Great book choices. Anthro has some really unique ones.

  3. I have the Domino book and love it for the cover alone! I think I need the modern vintage book because I feel like that style is so me!


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