Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our little family had a great little adventure today.
We went to a local spot where you can buy fresh veggies,
graze on fresh watermelon and enjoy some yummy
peach or strawberry ice cream.

One of my top reasons of why I love summer so much....fried okra!

We came home and had some super sweet peaches.

There is nothing like a Dublin Dr. Pepper but I didn't
know they had a cake mix and frosting mix. Must.try.this.

Fresh Pies

Tasting the peach ice cream for the first time!

Maybe we look just a little alike?? I know, she is still her Daddy's daughter.

Sweet girl!


  1. I totally think you look alike! The eyes at least! But I know what you mean, I practically look like I am babysitting my own kids!

  2. Beautiful pics! I totally want to go there! Malone is soo beautiful! I hope we can get together this summer. I miss y'all!


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