Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Change it is a Comin': My kitchen

I like my kitchen.
It is new, it is nice.
It has granite.
But, it is smallish and it can be pretty dark.
I like it for now.
Change it is a comin'!!!
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon.

I want to completely redo the breakfast area. New table, er um, old table just repainted to look new. A couple of new chairs from Ikea. Definitely some new window treatments. Paint is coming soon. But, the BIG debate is the cabinets. Should I or shouldn't I? I love white cabinets like my sisters. But, my cabinets have a pretty stain and they are maple, so no cheapy oaky stuff. I should probably just be happy but I think it would look absolutely stunning painted a creamy white with my new gray walls. I dunno.

I dream of kitchens like this:

From the movie Something's Gotta Give

So for now, here is my kitchen as is. Until we meet again white kichen!

View from the breakfast room. Look at those cabinets.
They are just begging for some white paint.

I do love my fork and spoon from Hobby Lobby.
Can't wait to get rid of those bottles.
They are taking up valuable real estate on my countertops.

Our breakfast room.

Yarn wreath that I made. I just love it!

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  1. My cabinets were originally white & I painted them a few years ago. It's time to paint them again & I think I'm going back to white! I have a new found love for white :)

  2. when we built the house we are in now, my kitchen inspiration was the kitchen from "something's gotta give"-love the clean white look with super dark floors!
    (oh and i realized my new blog background is the same one you have from shabby blogs-ha ;)

  3. Your house is GORGEOUS. I actually LOVE your kitchen as it is. If you paint the cabinets, you may need some "warmth" or color somewhere else. You mentioned paint in your post. What color(s) are you thinking?

  4. I love white kitchens, mine is all white. I'd paint those cabinets in a heartbeat!

  5. Oh my! You are REALLY making this nesting momma-to-be want to organize every nook and cranny!

  6. love your space, those arches are so special and different. are you planning to keep them, or is that part of your redo?

  7. I am dying for white or cream colored cabinets too... maybe a tea stain on white... not sure. But I am definitely not allowed to do it in this house! So funny that you posted the photo from Somethings Gotta Give b/c I always think of that kitchen as one that I want to copy!

  8. @ Nathan and Megan
    I am planning on painting the walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I want a greige color and think that will be great!

    @the Cape on the Corner
    Oh, definitely keeping the arches. We are doing more of a facelift than a reno.

    Thanks for the sweet comments girls!

  9. I think we have very similar styles my friend :) your kitchen is very cute now but I totally know what you mean about the WHITE...aaww love it! and your new yarn wreath you made...mmmm too cute! thanks for linking up to my party!

  10. You have a beautiful kitchen! I just painted my cabinets Ben Moore White Dove and love the creamy, easy-on-the-eyes white and brightness so much. Good luck!

  11. I have found your blog from your sisters...,so I am your newest follower. We are just finishing up a kitchen redo and I love white kitchens!!! So,,,,I would of course vote to paint the cabinets :) You can follow my blog at www.prairiegirl4-thatcountryplace.blogspot.com I hope to have my house together soon, and will take lots of reveal pics. Love the fork and spoon you have !!


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