Friday, March 18, 2011


Malone's birthday was awesome!
After some agonizing about what kind of birthday to throw, I decided on a small(ish) family only party. I didn't want Malone to be overwhelmed and our house is just way too small for a billion people to par-tay it up.

I didn't really have a "theme" per say, just a red and aqua color scheme (with a funky splash of yellow). It turned out just as I had hoped and we all had a blast celebrating this amazing little girls' 1st year! Hope you like the pics...cause there is a lot of 'em!

The birthday spread! Cupcakes, cookies and popcorn.
(Malone had none of the popcorn of course!)

The cupcakes and smash cake were uh-mazing! They were done by a local lady, Babycakes by Angie. The cake was soooo moist and everyone raved about how good they were. Chocolate chip cookies by me! Recognize those goodwill plates. How perfect are they?
Score on that one!

I found these napkins at Party City. I thought the saying was perfect for the day.
"Life is good, Let's make today very good"

I used the red wicker baskets from Malone's room to house the two different flavors of popcorn. One salty, one sweet.

Red/white striped staws from Hey YoYo. A white pitcher held the milk for the chocolate cookies.

Notice the utensil holder? My other goodwill find! Spraypainted a fun aqua!

This chair was given to me by my Mom. It was used to feed all 5 of her grandchildren. She retired it when Malone came along and I decided to spray paint it aqua. Perfect for the party and I may use it or give it to Malone one day for her babies.

The birthday banner and hat is from Joosy Card Co. The banner says, "Lo is 1."

Closer look at the birthday hat. Loved it!

Momma and Malone

Her headband is from Monkey Knots.

Onto her presents! She actually sat in my lap for the whole present business. I couldn't believe it? Malone is an "on the go" kid and usually doesn't have time to sit still. She must have really been excited about those presents!

Malone's t-shirt dress was made by my very talented Mother -in-law. The shirt is from Vintage Lucy's and I just purchased the skirt fabric and she sewed it right on! I gotta learn how to sew!

I made her flower pin on her shirt, just to add a little pizzaz! Tights are from Target and shoes from Wal-Mart. I thought she was adorable and she totally rocked her outfit!

Sweet girl!

The Hubs Meme made this precious Quiet Book. Malone loves it. I'll have to post more pics soon to show all the pages. Man, I gotta learn how to sew!

Malone got her very own red retro kitchen. She has played with it like crazy. She especially likes the phone. She will put it up to her ear and say "hi!"

Yay for Red Wagons! All of you Dallas area folk will know this is
gonna be a great Canton First Monday wagon!

Family birthday pic. Look at that adorable squinchy smile!

Here is my other goodwill find. I wanted a keepsake for Malone on her 1st birthday. I had everyone right a little wisdom for Malone on this goodwill chalkboard that I spraypainted. It was really sweet and I know Malone will cherish it when she gets older!

"Mom, why is this thing on my head!"

Birthday cake time!



  1. So fun! You did a great job on everything. I love all the little details especially the birthday hat!

  2. Everything looks so adorable! I love the colors....the aqua looks fab with the red. Very cute!

  3. Super adorable birthday party!!!! I've been DYING to get that kitchen for my son! He loves to "cook"!

  4. Sssooooooo precious!!! Love everything!!! You are so creative!

  5. So cute! Love those napkins... perfect! Oh, and haha... I have the shirt you were wearing! Glad it went well!

  6. I love red & aqua together! The highchair is awesome! Love her retro kitchen! She is adorable!! :)

  7. Aww...what a great 1st birthday party! She is just precious! Love the "quiet" book and the kitchen. What a great idea to have everyone write on the chalkboard.

  8. Love what you did! It turned out perfect!!! :)

  9. Cute! I love the colors...I had just bought some fabric to make red/turquoise headbands for my girls. And the chalkboard idea may have to be stolen:).

  10. Woman! I am in love with this party! It's absolutely perfect! The color scheme is so so so cute! And I LOVE the picture of you an Malone! Adorable!

  11. Hey Meg! I ended up featuring your party on my blog tonight! Grab a featured button and check it out :)

  12. Oh my goodness, such an ADORABLE party! LOVE the color palette you used. All of the details are adorable! My son is turning 1 in May and I love the chalkboard idea...I might try to do that. Thanks so much for sharing! I just came across your blog and absolutely love it. Malone is adorable and I look forward to following along! :)

  13. Now that was one color co ordinated party!! Loved your decorations and the cake,,,and of course the cute little birthday girl :)

  14. What a fabulous 1st bday party! You did an awesome job, the colors are just beautiful!! Your daughter is just adorable, I wish mine would keep bows on her head still :)

  15. You guys are the cutest family EVER! Malone is just precious beyond words and you look STUNNING. It looks like it was such a great party!

  16. What a great party! It looks simple and relaxed but well thought out and special! We had one of those Quiet Books when I was growing up and I haven't given it the first thought in years! Might have to talk to my mom about loaning it to me so I can copy it.

    Also, I love your chalkboard words of wisdom idea! What a special keepsake!


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