Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Hair Trends

There are some super hot hair trends this spring and I LOVE them all. Don't be scared to try something new. You just might surprise yourself and LIKE it.

1. Middle Part and loose waves. I, for one, love this look! But, it is not for everyone. Those of us out there with rather large foreheads should steer clear of the look. People with smaller foreheads should try this. It is really hard to get used to it at first. Seriously. You will look in the mirror and feel like you should be sporting a flower power vest. But, with the loose waves combo it is a stunner look! Trust me.

2. Ombre Hair color. I know, I know. We have been pre-conditioned that we have to be blonde to the root but new trends say "no way!" At the hair show, they explained ombre hair color this way. When you see a blonde headed child, they usually never have blonde all the way to the root rather, it is naturally highlighted on the ends and around the face. I realize this look isn't for everyone and this is definitely not a pass to skip your regularly scheduled appointments. This look still needs maintenance. You can't just grow out your blonde and expect it to have the natural ombre look. Bring pics to your appointment so you and your stylist are on the same page.

3. For those of us brave ones who love to have short hair, you are seeing pixies everywhere. It is all I can do to not grab my scissors and start cutting away at my hair. I simply adore short do's. It shows straight up confidence to me and it is such a "I am woman hear me roar" look. I can't get enough of it and believe you me, I will be a short headed lady in the not so distant future. Say, after baby #2? So get ready Hubs!

4. Bangs!!!! Heavy, straight across bangs! I am sporting this look right now and love it. If you have long hair and are getting sick and tired of it. Bangs are a great way to switch up the look without having to whack all of your hair off that took you years to grow out. Bangs grow quick so it's not a look you have to be committed to for long. Try it out and in a month, sweep them to the side and start letting them grow.

5. Braids are really hot right now. It is a great way to funk up an outfit by adding a quick braid. Do a french braid around your face or in an updo like the below pic. It can be classy, fun and beachy all at the same time. I LOVE the fishtail braid that Leona Lewis is wearing. Very beachy and doesn't look like she is trying to hard. Love it!

So there you have it ladies. Run out to your resident stylist and get yourselves a new look. Or, if you are in the Dallas area, give me a call at 469-223-2024 and I would love to hook you up!
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  1. oooh, i love spring hair! I just made a post last week about braids!

  2. My youngest is all about the braids. She does them herself (although her sister and I can too). She has come up with some amazing looks using them. I recently cut off 3+ inches into a longer angled bob and love it. Sooo much easier!


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